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girls power :icongirlsdevourboys:Girlsdevourboys 13 18
After Class :iconthomas-crumb:Thomas-Crumb 286 38
Miku's Live Snack
Miku was just browsing the net on her laptop.  "Wow, interesting", she said.  "Aww, that's cute!  Heheh--" Suddenly, her belly let out a loud roar.  "Ooh, I knew I shouldn't have skipped lunch", Miku said, rubbing her tummy.
Just then, her room's door was knocked on.  "Coming!" she said, and walked over to the door to let in whoever it was.  Miku opened the door, and it was her sweetie, Kaito.
Miku gasped.  "Kaito!" she gleefully shouted.  "H-hey, baby!" Kaito said.  They embraced firmly, and engaged in a welcoming kiss.
"What are you doin' here?  The movie's not till six", Miku asked her boyfriend.  "I know, just thought I'd come by.  Wanted to see you", Kaito replied.  "Aww, that's sweet of you.  Come on in.", Miku let Kaito in.
Kaito looked around, seeing that his girlfriend still hadn't changed her room around much, other than two new shelf cas
:iconandruril93:Andruril93 139 34
Right over your heart -Vore-
"Thanks again for the Breakfast Ms. J!" Carol called out to my mother, heading out the door
"Don't mention it Carol, enjoy school" My mom said back to her
"Bye Carol!" I yelled
"Catch you later Jared!" Carol yelled out
"Now young man, you better be getting ready for school too! Bus in 10 minutes!" My mom called out
"Sure thing, one sec though" I told her, there was something I've wanted to do for a long time now, and today was the day I'm going to do it!
I walked over to my room, closed the door and waited for about a minute. Then, I slowly and quietly went across the hall to Carol's room. I went to her large drawers and opened the second one from the top. Jackpot! Bras! I grabbed a green one that looked pretty big and ran back into my room. I've always wanted one of these from her! I smiled and hid it in my closet.
"Jared! Time for school!" my mom called out to me
"Coming!" I yelled back as I put on my shoes and ran out the door.
Hehe, I finally got it! I smiled to myself
I got
:iconroguewritter:Roguewritter 201 63
Mature content
Battle of the Quinns :iconhungryscorpion:HungryScorpion 20 13
Mature content
Family Vore (LONG!) :iconanaylor:Anaylor 98 16
Juno vore 4
This got all fucked up, I pasted it the way it should be in the comments.
Leah stared in disgust
at Juno.  Her massive stomach was visibly thrashing around as it's
occupants duked it out.  Juno glanced up at her.  “Hey Leah,
there's a fight in here, want to come jump in and break it up?”
Leah shuddered.  How could this monster ever have been her best
friend?  Nevertheless, she couldn't let Juno get caught, she was too
involved.  She mutely indicated a digestion pill lying next to Juno.
“Thanks Lea!  You're a good little accessory to murder,”
Juno said before popping the pill.  
Almost immediately,
the shifting stopped.  Screaming soon replaced it.  Juno had a big
smile on her face, and Leah stormed off.  She would wait till the
summer.  Then she would leave an order for her mom to kill Juno.
Juno too had thoughts
of killing.  As soon
:icondimension510:Dimension510 60 2
Hokages Hunger Chapter 1
Hokage’s Hunger Chapter 1
“Awwwwwwww” Tsunade moaned as she stared at the paper filled area that was her office. Tsunade had been doing her paper work that she had fallen extremely behind on in the past few weeks and as a result had no time to do anything else like eat or drink Saké, “at this rate I’m never going to be done before the end of the day” she moaned again as she collapsed onto her desk sending all the papers flying as her large breast cushioned her as he hit the wooden surface.
As Tsunade rested her eyes ignoring the paper work a huge groaning sound echoed through out the Hokage’s office. Tsunade raised her head from her desk having heard the loud noise; she looked around trying to find the source until a second groaning sound could be heard. Tsunade looked down seeing that the groaning sound was he empty stomach, Tsunade’s face turned red as she blushed being slightly embarrassed of the noise which where coming from her stomach.
:iconbrom290:Brom290 196 31
Hokage's Hunger Chapter 2
Hokage's Hunger Chapter 2
Ugh Tsunade moaned lent back against her chair, her belly forcing her to stay how ever she was comfortable while her belly sloshed and gurgled with pleasure slowly digesting Sakura who resided within the Hokage's stuffed belly. "God that was filling" Tsunade said while she rubbed her hand up and down her belly that poked out of her shirt, ~ BURP! ~, Tsunade gave off another big burp as she continued to rub her belly with a pleasured expression upon her face. Tsunade managed to slowly lift her self off her chair and to her feet; however her belly acting as a counter weight almost sent her to the floor in a second had she not placed her hands on her desk to stop her self from falling over. "Sheesh Sakura you weight a lot" Tsunade said pulling her self back up and placing her hands on her lower back to support her self much like a pregnant woman does. Tsunade's belly gave another loud gurgling sound as if it was making some form of remark to Tsunade. "Lady Tsunad
:iconbrom290:Brom290 131 26
Pokemon: Jessie Vore
Pokemon Vore: Jessie's belly prepares for vore trouble and devours double.
Jessie, James, and Meowth, three members of Team Rocket had found themselves lost in the
woods with no food or anyway to communicate with there other members. "We've lost sight of
the twerps and we're lost and out of food for the day." James said. "This wasn't our best
idea to steal Pokemon was it?" Jessie moaned. "You guys just had to mess up didn't ya?"
Meowth said. "Us mess up?" Jessie said. "Dat's right! Jessie you were in charge of keeping
the map and you couldn't even do that right! And James over here was suppose to keep our
food supply well rationed and you both screwed up!" Meowth complained. "Oh yeah? Well I
don't see you doing a good job with the way Meowth what is your job?" Jessie
asked. "Haha! My job was the most important one! It was to remind you two not to forget
yours!" Meowth said. "Then you failed at your job as well because we're in the middle of
nowhere with no food and map! Stop
:iconmangavore:Mangavore 117 29
Hokage's Hunger Chapter 3
Hokage's Hunger Chapter 3
Tsunade awoke in her room the light gently shining upon her face. For the past 3 weeks Tsunade had been locked in her room undisturbed under the cover up that she was under the weather and unfit to performer her Hokage's duties. Also she had managed to cover up the fact that Sakura and Shizune where missing by covering it up that they went missing on a mission. Tsunade slowly climbed out of bed removing the cover from over her. Her belly had after 3 weeks digested Sakura and Shizune leaving her with only a medium size chubby tummy that hung out over her cloths. Finally her belly was small enough for her to go out again, but still even though she had just finished digesting her to apprentices the urge to still eat people remained in her mind. Over the past 3 weeks Tsunade had been working on several toxins that would suffice to her needs. One toxin she had made was a hunger potion, it caused the digestive system to immediately want more causing a sever case of
:iconbrom290:Brom290 125 57
Another vore story - Part 2
Another vore story - Part 2
Amy Beaumant, substitute teacher, leaned back in her chair as the bell signifying the end of recess wailed on in the halls. Her black hair was a tangled mess that dangled around her flabby neck. Having already eaten six of the twenty students in her class today alone, her already wide frame constituting a mountainous belly, large fatty arms and legs and gigantic breasts, had been significantly enhanced by the population of the all-boy private school she was employed at for the time being. Her gut bulged out several feet infront of her, pushing up her black tank-top into pracitcally a bra, and pushing hard against her desk which it threatened to push over, even though she had leaned back significantly in her wide leather chair, which was creaking under the stress of her enormous weight. Amy let out a feminine belch as she played about with her folds of fat, wa
:iconsibon13:sibon13 109 7
Anko's dinner
Anko stared at the unconcius girls in front of her.  Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten were all laying on the floor in front of her.  Anko smiled, licking her lips.  She had tryed to stop herself for too long, and now she couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to.  
  Suddenly, Sakura shifted, moaning.  Her eyes opened, blinking as she adjusted to the light.  "Huh..."  She mumbled, before giving a look around.  "Ino, Hinata, Tenten?"  She muttered, not fully awake.
  "Glad to see you're awake."  Anko said, grabbing her attention.
  "Anko!?"  Sakura gasped, snapping out of her dazed state.  "What's going on?"  She asked, noticing only now that she was tied up.
  "Huh?"  Ino opened her eyes, trying to sit up.  "Hey, what the hell?"  She yelled, noticing the ropes.
:iconruler101:Ruler101 92 52
Imprisonment: part II
  Ty lee stood with her arms crossed, looking at the two girls bound in front of her.  They were two Kyoshi warriors, and now they were Azula's prisoners.  And now, Azula had implemented an...interesting method of containment.  Ty lee was rather cheery about it, since there were little cahnces for it in the circus, and it always felt great!  
  "Okay, who do I start with?"  She asked herself, pointing her finger at the two girls.  She was a little rusty, so she wanted to start with the smaller first.  "I guess that would"  She said, turning to the girl on the right.  The girl gave her a confused look, right before Ty lee grabbed her by the shirt.  "All right,"  She said,holding the girl to her face, "This is going to be kinda weird."  She finished, licking her lips.  "Well, here goes!"  She laughed, shoving the girl's
:iconruler101:Ruler101 55 8
Mileena's meal
  Kitana stared at it in disgust.  It looked unnaturally like her, body shaped exactly the same.  It's body was covered in bandages, aside from it's hideous mouth.  It was like a tarkatan's jaw, the teeth horribly long and misshapen, and it's lips pulled back in a hideous grin.  Raiden's words echoed in her head.  She leaned closer, hesitantly reaching towards it.  
  Then, it's eyes opened, staring Kitana in the face.  "Sister..."  She said, sitting up.
  "You are no sister of mine, monster!"  Kitana cried, disgusted, as she took her fighting pose.
  "Let's play!"  The monster said, gleefully.  She ran forward, swiping Kitana across the face.  Kitana replied with a swift kick to the stomach, and another to the face, sending the beast sliding on her back.  She quickly rolled to her feet, charging Kitana.  She
:iconruler101:Ruler101 148 63
Toph's huge lunch: Digestion
  Toph lay on her back, waiting for the others to get back.  They had gone into town, for supplies.  Since she had been asleep they didn't wake her up.  And now she was starving, and there was no food!  "Great."  she said flatly.  Her stomach growled.  She rolled on her side, frowning.  She suddenly jerked up, grunting.  "OH man!"  she growled, "I could eat anything. Anything!"  Suddenly she could feel someones footsteps.  It was a woman, not very large, indicated by the vibrations she caused.  Toph grinned.  "Well I said anything."  
  She waited until the stranger came closer.  When the girl was close enough Toph got in her way.  The girl yelped and jumped back.  "Oh it's just a little girl."  She said.  "Hi, I'm Kona, you?"
  Toph smiled  "I'm Top
:iconruler101:Ruler101 110 13


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